Where Are You Going With That Shovel, Kost?

Anonymous asked: Which is your most useful demon and why?

Such a hard question… they all have their uses.

Well, with the exception of Fier, because honestly how a tarted up bit of fluff that fawns around at the first sight of silk and decent tailoring could ever be considered useful…

Regardless, they’re useful in their own ways.

Beltip is a trusted companion and a far better steward than any human I could have ever employed, he’s served me since childhood with only the minimum of complaint and sass.  And only for the agreement that he can drink himself to gleeful oblivion every Brew Fest, even if it does leave me a moaning heap of suffering for his blood linked hang-overs the next morning.

Jhaa is a faithful hound that has been on many a hunt and has sniffed out more rogues and consumed more spells in battle than my life is worth… also because the image of Beltip’s Kitchen Knight isn’t complete without Jhaa to serve as his mount. 

Thanlos, is always there, he is my shadow, as is expected from a Voidwalker. 

And Thomas… I value him, if for anything the encouragement he gives me to continue my hunts, and to get back up and to continue to fight.  Because as he expects it from me, as part of our bargain, I expect the same for him.

I would be worthless without any of them.