Where Are You Going With That Shovel, Kost?

viridiant asked: Why -do- you dig up graves? I won't be offended, I'm not very spiritual about the dead! Do you do science on them? If you do, can I sign up to have my body donated to you if I die? I'd love to further a good cause instead of my body just doin' nothing! But when you're done with me you gotta make sure nothing's left that can be used to make undead things!

Lonely Friday nights.

I’m joking. 

Mainly because I’ve always been one to avoid the trappings of the marketplace - the price of corpse dust some days would make your purse strings clench in protest.  And I can’t stand the chatter of some shop keeps.  Yes, I’m buying yeast for bread, I don’t need to hear the bloody tale of how your Great Aunt Sophie once tried to bake bread and wound up opening up a Portal to an alternate dimension where the Burning Legion instead of being demons, were muffins, hence giving her an opening to defeating them and explaining why she’s so chubby. 

Beltip generally calls it cheapness.

So instead, I gather my own materials, not much, enough for whatever I’m working on and a little extra for error, I loathe an overstocked pantry.  So much waste.

That and it makes certain individuals keep their distance, my Grandmere was the necromancer of the family, I couldn’t stand that much sewing and cobbling together.  But certainly doesn’t hurt to have that bit of gravel dropped in the rumor mill.