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Anonymous asked: How exactly .. have humans had an impact on the world at all? That point makes no sense, so please help me understand. I honestly feel like you're blowing shit out your ass. XD




I intended to stay mostly away from OOC posts, however, I can’t ignore this shit. 

Humans in WoW: http://wowpedia.org/Humans

In case you’re too lazy to click on the link, I’ll enlighten you.

  • Humans are the evolved offspring of the Vrykul. That makes them relatives of the Titanic Constructs put here on Azeroth to watch over the world and ensure that it continues down the correct path.
  • The Humans of Strom were such outstanding warriors that when the High Elves of Quel’thalas were in trouble, they entered into an alliance with the “uncivilized” humans and introduced them to the practice of magic for their aid in defeating the Amani Tribe.
  • In the wake of the humans being trained in magic, Dalaran was formed. The only Magocracy that exists in Azeroth.
  • Fast-forward some time and we get to the time of the Council of Tirisfal. Let me remind you the amount of firepower that these wizards that were the absolute protectors of Azeroth commanded. Everyone looks to Broxxigar as the man who cut Sargeras, but everyone forgets Aegwynn who destroyed the Avatar of Sargeras in combat. That’s right ladies. Your bad bitch of witchcraft exists and she still lives to this day.
  • Have you heard of Medivh? Because you should have heard of Medivh. You know, the bastard who was possessed in the womb by the Avatar of Sargeras, corrupted, built the Dark Portal on Azeroth, activated it, and then redeemed himself in his death by becoming an Ancient and a protector of Azeroth that warned the forces of the Alliance AND the Horde of the coming storm.
  • Have you heard of Antonidas? No? Well, then let me tell you that this Gandalf motherfucker is the one responsible for the current leader of the Kirin Tor’s might. He was the one who trained Jaina Proudmoore and revolutionized modern magic by penning the series Higher Learning. Keep in mind we’re still only on mages.
  • Jaina Proudmoore. There’s so much this bitch has done, so let me keep this short and sweet. If Kalecgos and Thrall had not stopped her, Orgrimmar would have been completely destroyed by magic flood. The seat of the Horde’s power would have been completely wiped out by a single woman.
  • Ever heard of paladins? These motherfuckers were started on Azeroth BY the humans. And these weren’t your knights in shining armor. No. Paladins were created by the humans to do one thing and one thing only: slaughter Orcs.
  • In this entirely different area you’ve got forces like the hero of the Second War Turalyon. You know, that hero during the Second War who instilled fear into the hearts of the Horde by picking up Anduin Lothar’s broken sword and driving them all the way from the Black Spire BACK INTO THE DARK PORTAL. This HUMAN paladin essentially destroyed Doomhammer, one of the greatest heroes the Orcs have to offer, in combat.
  • Forget about Uther? This is the man that was responsible for training Arthas Menethil. THE VERY FIRSTpaladins of note that were to have ever existed and leader of the Knights of the Silver Hand. On the attack the Horde made against Lordaeron, Uther opened a can of whoop-ass and drove the Horde back and claimed victory over them. Then he left Lordaeron, joined Turalyon in the fight at the Blackrock Spire and CONTINUED that can of whoop-ass.
  • Yeah. We’re still on paladins. Alexandros Mograine, the Ashbringer. There are few lore characters in the history of WoW that can even DREAM of matching the prowess, potential with the Light, and overall passion that Alexandros commanded during the skirmishes with the Scourge. This is the man that could destroy ENTIRE ARMIES with a single swing of his sword. Or did you forget that? Don’t say that’s the Ashbringer, either. The weapon is only as strong as its master. There’s a reason why…
  • TIRION FUCKING FORDRING is such a shitty Ashbringer. However, this is the motherfucker that banded Azeroth together - both the Horde and Alliance - and got them to join forces to fight against Arthas in Northrend. He purified the Corrupted Ashbringer with a SINGLE touch and forced Arthas back from Light’s Hope Chapel in one-on-one combat. Furthermore, Arthas was willing to sacrifice his entire regiment of Knights of the Ebon Blade along with his Second Generation Death Knights to afford the soul of Tirion Fordring and Alexandros Mograine.
  • Hold the phone. We’re forgetting someone. ARTHAS MENETHIL. This bad motherfucker not only commanded the armies of the Scourge, but he broke free from the will of the Burning Legion to the point that they sent Illidan Stormrage to kill him. Yeah, Illidan Stormrage. And guess what happened? Illidan Stormrage lost in one-on-one combat. Guess what else happened? Kael’thas lost to him. Anasterian Sunstrider lost to him. Uther the Lightbringer lost to him. The entire city of STRATHOLME lost to him. Balthazar the Dreadlord lost to him. Keep in mind this is before putting on the Helm of Damnation and becoming the Lich King. He was still Arthas Menethil. The man responsible for slaughtering his father, King Terenas Menethil III, sacking the entirety of Lordaeron, and bringing Quel’thalas to its knees.
  • We’re not done yet. Edwin VanCleef and the Stonemasons (The Defias). Edwin VanCleef and his band of masons that repaired Stormwind City were pissed off that they weren’t getting paid. So what did they do? Essentially, they killed Queen Tiffin - Varian’s wife - and then stormed throughout the city in riots and then fled and then held all of Westfall hostage. Get this. In the lore? The adventurers that actually brought Edwin VanCleef to justice? Guess who the leader of the adventuring party was? :) You guessed it. A human. But that’s not the end of the story. Nope.
  • Vanessa VanCleef, Edwin VanCleef’s daughter grew up and took vengeance upon Westfall. Burned the entirety of Sentinel Hill to the ground and left Gryan Stoutmantle to his knees, and forced the unnamed adventurer to flee to warn King Varian Wrynn of the destruction. Yep.
  • Let’s get to the person you’ve been fucking waiting for. KING VARIAN WRYNN, THE HIGH KING OF STORMWIND. Let me put this out there for you. This motherfucker defeated Magnataurs in Ashenvale, defeated Garrosh Hellscream in single combat to the point that Garrosh had to flee or die, is the Scion of Goldrinn (that means he has super speed and super strength, btw), single-handedly defeated ONYXIA, DAUGHTER OF DEATHWING, and now has conquered Orgrimmar. This man was raised beside Arthas Menethil after the sacking of Stormwind, eventually returned, had the city rebuilt, was captured, sold into being a slave gladiator, won his freedom, came back, reclaimed his throne, and defeated a dragon that took 40 of us to kill. Mmhm.
  • Stormwind City is the bastion of the Alliance. Just as the Orcs are the face of the Horde, the Lion stands proudly on his city of gold and blue.
  • Feel free to click on that link up top and educate yourself.

Birthday shenanigans for Kost - Revenge of the short stripper joke, the blinding of the Imp and dat troll ass.  (I didn’t have the heart to post the second part on feathermap, so consider this an alternate ending)

"Soooo sweetheart, you throw around destruction spells?  I’m a bit of a powder-keg myself, ‘specially for a taller broad.  How ‘bout we see about making our own special lil cataclysm? -wink leer click click finger guns-  This bow ain’t gonna pull itself off with it’s teeth yah know.  How much did they pay me?  That depends, how much you wanna pay to make me leave?" 

Bika ‘n Kost at the watercooler, gossip on old Bwonsamdi till he come wander back round the office.

"Ladies," he say.

"Evenin’ boss," they chime together. 

"Chu doin, standin’ round." Suspect. "Lotta souls need returnin’ to Bwonsamdi."

Bika look at Kost, Kost look at Bika. Outside, the world burn.

"Boss," they say, "we done finish early."

((You have no idea how much I love this snip off my deviantart and how much someday I want to draw this.  Oh cripes how I want to draw this.))

((Throwing up some old art for shits n’ giggles today))



Series by Erik Kwakkel: The Beauty of the Injured Book, from medieval manuscripts in the Leiden, Universiteitsbibliotheek collection:

  1. Bad Back: 15th century
  2. Sliced: c. 1100
  3. Scar Tissue: c. 1000
  4. Touched by a Human: 12th century
  5. Mouldy skin: 11th century

Series of damaged books - taken from my project’s blog.

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I would also like to fly on Illidan! Like this!It is a gift to my friend)


I would also like to fly on Illidan! Like this!
It is a gift to my friend)

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